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Red Room

Red Room

Two Year Olds

Red Room 3

Children of this age love to test the world around them, but at the same time, they want to know where the limits are.  The classroom is designed to help each student deal with challenging tasks that are not overwhelming.  We want children to explore, experiment, take risks, and grow to be independent, but in a safe, loving environment where a teacher is able to monitor behaviors.

The curriculum’s focus is on developing receptive and expressive language, interacting with one’s environment, and getting along with others.  Some activities will be done in small or large groups, while others will be done individually.  We are here to ensure the safety of your child as well as assist with the learning experience.

A few skills practiced are:

Gross Motor:  body/space awareness, hopping, and climbing

Fine Motor:  play dough, puzzles, and using paint brushes

Social/Emotional:  sharing, trusting, and further developing self-confidence

Language:  follow directions, use words to express one’s needs, and repeat stories.

Cognitive:  identify shapes & colors, remember songs with movements, and show an interest in letters and numbers.



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