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Purple Room – 3K for All

Purple Room – 3K for All

3K for All 3 – 4 year olds

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One of the many challenges three & four year olds face is the transition from being taken care of to realizing that they can do more for themselves.  Guidance from parents and teachers helps each child build the necessary foundation for self-confidence.  Preschoolers are also ready for more interactive peer experiences where they take on leader-follower roles interchangeably.  They want to “show off” their knowledge but also don’t mind having a friend show them something new.

The curriculum’s focus is on developing receptive and expressive language, independent self-help skills, and lengthening one’s attention span.  Some activities will be done in small or large groups, while others will be done individually.  We are here to ensure the safety of your child as well as assist with the learning experience.

A few skills practiced are:

Gross Motor:  climbing, balancing, and riding tricycles

Fine Motor:  use small manipulatives (i.e. small Legos), proper pencil grip, and jigsaw puzzles

Social/Emotional:  cooperative play, ability to wait a turn, and develop empathy for others

Language:  follow multi-step directions, understand story read aloud, clear speech

Cognitive:  recognize letters and numbers, problem solving techniques, longer attention span.

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