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Summer Program

Summer Program

Battery Park City Day Nursery offers a summer program during July and August.  Our main goal in the summertime is to create an atmosphere of cooperation, exploration, and spirited fun.  The many planned events, activities and outings plus spontaneous experiences create an interesting season. Your child can attend the entire summer session or come for a minimum of three weeks.

During the summer, one of the classrooms is transformed into special beach room where children can explore open-ended materials while using their creativity and imagination.

Each week of summer camp, our campers will learn about a different country. The countries are chosen after getting suggestions from our campers and their families.  The first week will celebrate the diversity of the USA. The children will make their own passports and have them “stamped” with a new country every week.

Each day of the week there will be a focus on a specific subject

Mondays: Construction/Building: campers will be provided with a variety of materials to create structures inspired by the architecture of the week’s featured country.

Tuesdays: Art: campers will create paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, mosaics, and more inspired by the artists of the week’s featured country.

Wednesdays: Pretend Play: campers can go on a train ride through the Alps, swim through a coral reef, open a restaurant in Italy, or have high tea in London. The possibilities are endless!

Thursdays: Science: campers will become scientists as they conduct observations, make predictions and engage in various experiments.

Fridays: Cooking: cooking is a great way to learn science and math concepts, but more importantly it’s FUN! It’s also a good way to encourage children to try new foods. Campers will learn to make a variety of foods that originate from the week’s featured country.

Campers will get lots of time in our own backyard where they will get to run, jump, climb, slide, play in the pretend house, and use balls, hula-hoops, jump ropes, tricycles, push toys, chalk, outdoor building blocks, bubbles and more. On those hot summer days, campers will cool down in our sprinklers. They will also visit the backyard for picnics!



Flexible scheduling is available.  Contracts can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.  You may sign up for two weeks or the entire summer.  Monthly, weekly and half-day children are welcome.


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