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Faculty Qualifications


Our teachers, experts in early childhood development and education, observe and evaluate each child’s learning style, behavior, progress, and adjustment to school.  Through encouragement, they help each child develop his/her own pattern of interests and talents.  This observation process allows the staff to present each child with a learning experience when he/she is developmentally best able to meet with success.  The information gathered through observing the children, guides each classroom’s curriculum planning.  Teachers are available to share information about your child’s day.  Formal conferences are scheduled twice each year to review your child’s progress.

The Nursery uses a team teaching model where two co-lead teachers and one assistant teacher work collaboratively in each classroom.  As a team, the teachers plan lessons, assess your child’s progress, interact with family members, and share duties to maintain a healthy, safe learning environment.

Master Teachers & Lead Teachers are credentialed by NYC & NAEYC and hold either an AA or BA in Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  Preschool lead teachers hold either a BA or MA in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. All teachers are placed in classrooms based upon their experience, expertise and suitability to work with a particular age group.

Associate Lead Teachers & Assistant Teachers hold a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential or higher.  A CDA is equivalent to twelve undergraduate credits in Early Childhood Education.  Associate Lead Teachers and some of our assistants are currently pursuing Early Childhood Degrees.  Our doors are also open to speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other specialists who work with our children of differing abilities.  All teachers are encouraged to attend seminars to update and further their knowledge.

The Executive Director and Parent Liaison, Judy Sklover, holds a BA degree and has experience as a preschool parent and organizer. As Parent Liaison, she strengthens the connections between home and school.  As Executive Director, she maintains child records and oversees the general administration of the Nursery.

The Director of Education, Jennifer Belanger, holds a BA in Theater Arts and a Masters Degree in Special Education. 

The Assistant Director of Education, Oriana Graells, holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. 

All employees meet requirements set forth by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and NAEYC.  Screenings include verification of credentials and references, fingerprinting, review and inquiry by the State Central Registry and clearance from the New York State Social Service Department in Albany.  Faculty are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences to update and further their knowledge of early childhood topics and research.  When you visit the school, we will be happy to introduce the teachers to you.

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