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I just wanted to write to you and express how very thankful I am for the way you have treated Liam this year. Thank you for the love and care you are giving to my child each day. I feel confident when he is there in the way you take care of him and truly appreciate all that you do. I know that it is because of your dedication and care for all of the children not just Liam. The most important thing I  feel is that the people there love the kids and I think you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much.

Thank you,

Liza & Liam, June 2016

Liza & Liam


Dear Denise and Judy,

Thank you for all you have done for my son, Ryan!

After having a nanny for Ryan’s first years, I was nervous about having Ryan go into a daycare environment. I had no need to worry. Ryan has blossomed at your facility, and, he looks forward to going each day.

Ryan’s teachers could not have been more fabulous. Ryan came to the nursery to a wonderful staff. Josephine was able to give me an in-depth view of what she sees as Ryan’s abilities and milestones. Patricia always had Ryan’s room under control, but, she did it in a fun way for everyone. Yashira was always quick to give Ryan a hug. I can tell that all three genuinely cared about Ryan, and, Ryan adored them all. He would ask for them over the weekend!

Ryan is able to work with Patricia again this year, and, he is thrilled. He gets a big smile on his face when he sees her. Patricia’s co-teacher, Elvia, has so much energy that I am jealous (I even asked her if she was a cheerleader at one point!). It gives me such peace of mind knowing Ryan is in a happy and fulfilling environment when I am at work.

Apart from the teachers, both of you have been wonderful. I appreciate that you are so hands-on with what is going on with the classroom, and, I feel that you also truly know my son.

I would recommend Battery Park City Day Nursery to anyone. I sincerely do not feel that there could possibly be any place better.


Christy, October 2015

Ryan Family

Dear Mrs. C, Jodina and Judy,
As you know Yellow Room has been exploring geometry with boxes and packaging, such as toilet paper tubes and paper towel rolls. Last night at dinner I was serving hot dogs. My older daughter Laura, now gets her hot dogs served whole and uses a knife and fork. My 3 1/2 year old, Mary still gets hers cut.
Mary said to me “I want a hot dog like Laura’s!” Not cut. I want it like a cylinder.”
We all laughed and praised her for her new word and using it so well. Thank you guys for continuing to keep learning fun and teaching through play!!

Melinda, February 2015

We just wanted to thank you for having our three children at the Nursery School over the last few years (2008 – 2013).  We appreciate the loving care that you and the staff have provided to not only our children, but also to making my husband and I feel so very welcome over the years.  I remember back to the beginning of 2008 when I was researching preschools for our then, almost 3 year old, and had been to so many schools in the area and felt like I was being viewed as just another “number.”  Shortly after, when I toured BPCDN, I knew that my child and our family would be treated like family.  I appreciated back then and still do now, the warmth and personal touch that you showed on that very first meeting.  So, it is with sweet memories that we leave you, as the kids grow up and move on.  With love, appreciation and best wishes,

Lee-Ann, August 2013

Thank you for the puzzles, blocks, and cards.  We are so glad to get those wonderful things.  The children love to play with them.  Now our school has been working on replacing topsoil.  Stripping the soil surface with a high radiation yard and garden, and fill the earth wrapped in a sheet and took a deep hole dug in the yard.  Raising the effectiveness of this work, I may become the children play yard (expert).

The letter having been sent by you was read.  I was very encouraged.  I would like to say thank you to the teachers, the children and their parents and people who support us.


Fukushima-ken, Japan, May 2011

(BPCDN donated toys to this Japanese nursery after the tsunami hit in 2011)

Dear friends of the BPC Day Nursery – Thank you very much for an amazing first school year and all the lovely memories we will have, for always supporting our family and trying to meet our needs, for creating such a caring and lovely environment for my daughter.

Sylvie, July, 2011

Thank you for welcoming us to your school!  You were very helpful during our first experience and we appreciate it a lot!

Susan, January, 2010

Thank you very much for everything!  We thoroughly enjoyed having our son at your school and wish you a happy continuation in New York at work and also all the very best for your families too.  Thank you also for all your hard work at all times of the day when even our kids are still asleep in the morning or also already in bed.  Warm wishes,

Sergio & family, October, 2009

We wanted to thank you so much for making our son’s time at the Nursery such an amazing and exciting one.  We are so happy with the program and everything it had to offer for our boys.  It was a wonderful experience and I can’t believe how far they have come!  They both love reading and math, have many friends and fond memories!  We can’t thank you enough for everything!  Love,

Lena & family, June, 2008

We just wanted to thank you, yet again, for your commitment and dedication to our children and to us as parents.  You are clearly a talented and tireless group of individuals and I have 100% confidence that my children are being nurtured and enriched each and every day.  As a newcomer to New York, we find the events you diligently plan to be integral to our immersion into the community.  Our children too, have already demonstrated a healthy adjustment to the School.  Thank you!

Renee, September, 2007

We want to thank you so much for the wonderful experience our son, and we, had at the Nursery.  The decision to leave was not an easy one, as we were all so happy with the care and educational experience he was getting at BPCDN.  His first school environment was just what we’d hoped it would be – loving, stimulating, caring, and fun.  We’ll remember our time at your wonderful school very, very fondly.

Yvonne, December, 2006

Thank you very much for taking such good care of my daughter all year.  I know it takes an unbelievable amount of patience, and energy, to do the work that you all do every day and we do appreciate all of the tender loving care you have shown her this past year.  The only way that we were able to concentrate at work was with the knowledge, and confidence, that she was in such good hands with all of you.

Diane, June, 2006

I think there are excellent teachers in my daughter’s classroom.  They all seem to work well together.  As a result of something Ms. Josephine said to my daughter in “everyday” conversation, Nicole now tells us “don’t talk to strangers” when we leave our home.  My husband & I think it is an important safety awareness issue, and liked the way she didn’t isolate the topic, but just responded to something my daughter said in passing.

I especially like the way Janet greets the children.  She makes each feel special and helps the parent departure be a non-event.  She admires and/or comments on an outfit, color, hairstyle or toy that my daughter may have.  As I leave the classroom, I can hear Janet asking her about her weekend, previous day/evening activity or special event.  I also like the way she gives my daughter “big sister” respect, by telling the other children that they have to ask her if they can see/touch her baby sister.  Janet seems to be in-tune with the emotional needs of the children at the crucial 3 year old stage.

When not in school, my daughter talks about each teacher equally and with adoration.  They all seem to be dedicated and the children appear to enjoy and listen to their instructions and directions.  I appreciated their input and direction to questions I had during our one-on-one parent/teacher conference with regard to handling certain situations with my daughter.  The manner in which they address an issue or concern is never condescending and I like the way they share their experiences with the children.

Deborah, June, 2004

We would like to personally thank each of you for the wonderful year my daughter was fortunate to spend with you.  This was the first school experience for her and thanks to you, it was a great one!  Your professionalism as well as your love and caring for the kids are heartwarming.  We always felt she was in great hands, loved and nurtured.  We happily observed her making new friends, learning an additional language and developing her skills.  There was nothing greater for us than to see her coming happy to school every day.

Yael & family, April, 2004

Please accept my appreciation of the enormous kindness you showed my family on September 11th.  My family lived upstairs from your school.  I was home that morning by the time the first building came down.  As you know, the noise, shaking, and smoke were horrible.  We quickly evacuated our apartment, down the stairs and into the lobby.  The ground floor was already crowded with building residents and injured people from the street.  Terror quickly spread as the building filled with smoke and the lights went out.  Someone from your school found us sitting on the floor with two screaming children and invited us into the Nursery.

The scene in the school was incredibly calm.  You and your teachers were reading stories to the children, singing songs and playing games.  When the second building came down and the screaming got louder, you responded by making peanut butter and bagel sandwiches for the children.

You and your teachers displayed true heroism that day,  your primary thought was not of yourselves, but of the physical and emotional well-being of the children in your care.  Your team showed incredible courage by smiling and reassuring your children during those long periods of time when survival seemed questionable.  Your teachers did not panic or show fear.  The more frightening the situation became, the louder you sang to the kids.  A traumatic event for these children was made less so by your team.  Sadly, our family has moved out of Battery Park to the suburbs.  Those parents whose children have returned to your school should feel extremely confident that their children are in the hands of a wonderful and courageous group of teachers.  Best wishes for the future success of your school,

Tom & family, November, 2001

Thank you very much for all your special efforts to keep our precious daughter calm and safe during the evacuation from the terrible disaster!  It took many nerve-wracking hours before we could confirm that she was evacuated with the school.  But once we knew she was with you in New Jersey, we were confident she was in good hands.  We have been so fortunate to have such an exceptional preschool with so many dedicated teachers right in our neighborhood.  It is still so difficult to comprehend how suddenly and how drastically our idyllic lives here in BPC have been changed.  We’re not sure yet if we’ll stay or leave, but we will never forget all of you at BPC Day Nursery and everything you’ve done for our children.  Take care and good luck in the future.

Nita & family, October, 2001

Thank you so much for all you did on September 11th & 12th.  While we were anxious about being separated from our son, we always knew that he was in good hands and that you would look after him and that you would solve any problems faced in a calm, practical way.  We wish you best of luck in getting the school up and running.

Alan & family, October, 2001

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